Jesse Hale, a Nashville-based artist, was born in 1984 in Tyler, Texas. His creative energy and curiosity were encouraged from an early age by his father, a freelance illustrator, and his mother who, according to Jesse, “made sure I got to all my violin lessons.” Besides his childhood, Jesse cites “documentaries, the internet, and lots of failure” as his primary art education.

Playing the violin since the age of four, Hale pursued music while in school, graduating from Belmont University in 2007, then continuing his musical career throughout his twenties. In 2013, however, he made a decision to take break from music with the goal of exploring visual art. His first exhibition, Suspensions, held at Fort Houston in December 2013, investigated these questions through the lens of geometry, color, music, and mathematics. Shortly after, the work was featured on the March 2014 cover of Nashville Arts Magazine.

From the outset, Hale has used his practice as a way to grapple with questions regarding faith, existence, identity and meaning. His mediums are heavily dictated by his subject matter and have included drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, print, video, and sound design. While acutely methodical and process oriented, he tends to use whatever readily available materials seem to suit his concepts. His love for music further fuels a great deal of his approach.

Jesse’s work is an objectification of his questions about beauty, reality, and identity, conveyed through the most basic visual elements—line, shape, light, color, and texture. His works range from bold and color-driven, to cold and grayscale. His fascination with the unknown seeds the tension within his art, imbuing it with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and desire for truth.




December 2013, Suspensions, Fort Houston, Nashville, TN

July 2016, Ceilings Walls Windows Doors [Part I], O'More College of Design, Nashville, TN


March 2014, Suspensions, Nashville Art Magazine