Charcoal DRAWINGS from the series, Ceilings Walls Windows Doors

This is a series of charcoal drawings within a larger body of work, titled, Ceilings Walls Windows Doors. In this series, one drawing for each year of my life, I have objectified a memory of something I experienced shortly after my thirtieth birthday—a moment in which I was struck with a sudden motivation to confront that debilitating habit of making too many damned excuses. Working from a set of camera phone images which I captured of the ceilings and walls in my apartment, each drawing was rendered using a restrained scribbling technique. Tedious as it was, I treated the process as a kind of meditation, in which I took time to consider the space between limitation and self. As a group, the composition appears to be something like densely-textured, architectural abstraction, when, in fact, it is more like decontextualized realism. My use of window panes, which I salvaged from my apartment and placed in front of each drawing, presents further questions regarding the distinctions we make between concepts of reality, experience, place, object, image, and memory.