Ceilings Walls Windows Doors

[ Part I ]


After almost a year-long artistic lull, on my 30th birthday, I resolved to confront a lifelong struggle with fear, anxiety, and self-doubt through a series of 30 charcoal drawings—each an alternate perspective of ceilings and walls in my apartment. The work is an attempt to objectively portray the limitations my environment while further exploring its artistic potential. A controlled scribbling technique was employed as a means of self-discipline, meditation, and metaphor, the effect of which appears as distilled geometric forms, absent of context, and filtered through static. Each piece is mounted behind glass window pane salvaged from renovations taking place in my apartment complex. The viewer is invited to drift disoriented within the space of pure abstraction as well as an awareness of the represented reality and suggested meaning, considering the possibility of both barrier and beauty.

Note: This work comprises the first part in a multi-part series planned for full exhibition later this year. I have decided to show these works in advance, as the remaining work is still in progress.


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